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Giochi amorevoli fra mitologie e tecnologie


Year: 2022

Technique: Mix Media on canvas

Curatorial Text

Leonardo Lanzolla defines his own creative process as an intuitive guide and an experimental continuity through his being and feeling in the world. In the face of his explorations in the realm of flesh and the unknown, Leonardo Lanzolla is influenced by his own synchronized energetic sense, translated into expressive and gestural brushstrokes.

His dynamic and loose brushstrokes contribute to the sense of movement and emotion in his works. Leonardo Lanzolla constructs his paintings through layers of paint, applying and scraping them repeatedly. This technique creates a rich texture and visual depth on the surface of the canvas. The layers of paint also reveal the process of creating the artwork, showcasing the record of evolution and changes during the painting process. His works present a continuous and dynamic composition. Figurative and abstract elements are arranged in a nonlinear manner, creating a sense of movement and instability. Forms merge into one another, and the absence of a rigid structure gives the works a chaotic and emotional character. 

Mystery and the unknown are recurring themes in his work, fascinating and propelling him forward. According to Sartre, mystery is an essential dimension of human existence, related to the idea of transcendence and freedom. Mystery is an inherent characteristic of the human condition, an intrinsic part of human existence that must be confronted and experienced authentically.

In the depicted artwork titled “Title: Giochi amorevoli fra mitologie e tecnologie” (Title: Loving Games between Mythologies and Technologies), Leonardo Lanzolla creates a composition that balances and harmonizes the canvas. In a sort of neo-expressionism, the artist balances symbolic elements, anthropomorphic figures, geometric shapes, and contrasting colors. The colors mostly consist of copper tones, dark reddish hues, and black, contrasting with the background element where, beyond the white and pastel pink, brushstroke gestures and artist-made overlays can be seen. Some symbols arranged in balance and harmony throughout the canvas reflect the enigmatic and highly original identity of the artist. At certain points, vibrant colors, geometric elements, and varied textures punctuate the composition.

The present components include the peace symbol, geometric structures, crosses, arrows, droplets, lines, and hearts. The heart is an identity-defining element in Leonardo Lanzolla’s works, also considered the center of human emotions, possibly even a metaphor for human existence. In the lower corner of the canvas, we see a character composed of black and white lines, a language also contemplated in the figurative representation, such as the claw figure in the upper corner.

“Giochi amorevoli fra mitologie e tecnologie” invites us to immerse ourselves in a universe of creativity and artistic expression. The artwork is an invitation to a unique journey, forging an intimate connection between the viewer and the creator. Through experimentation and innovation, Leonardo Lanzolla challenges us to question the boundaries of art and explore new possibilities.

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Artistic Statement

Leonardo Lanzolla was born in Turin in 1958 and lived in Italy until he was 26 years old, when he moved to the United States in 1984. Leonardo built his career and artistic trajectory in various states such as Seattle, Miami, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, dedicating himself to honing his artistic skills and exploring techniques and styles. Today, his work is found in collections worldwide, and he has created significant exhibitions in countries like Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy.

His artistic language can be defined as an “unintentional, direct approach,” a kind of appreciation for primitive forms, expressive brushstrokes, figurative elements such as characters and creatures, powerful contrasts, and overlays.

Conceptually, his work combines elements of adventure, spirituality, and self-discovery. The unknown serves as a tool for creation and reflection for the artist, and his curiosity and creative power intuitively connect with nature and its transformations, the vital energy, and the presence of being. Each painting carries a profound and transformative message, offering philosophical insights into life and human existence.

Having been influenced by Basquiat, Picasso, Miró, Debuffet, and De Kooning, his work represents his passion for human relationships and life, blending intuition and gesturality in his composition.

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