We help you navigate the complex world of contemporary art

Walking alongside your artistic path, protecting and promoting your work and research to enable new relationships with cultural institutions, galleries, buyers and target audiences. We Help you to feel more confident about taking the important steps towards setting up your online art business.

We create independent activity of artistic consultancy for individuals, companies, artists, galleries, cultural institutions, architecture and interior design studios.


Project Team

Art Curator – Barbara Magliocco
Digital Marketing – Alisson Souza
Creative director – Victor Lacerda
Graphic Designer – Arthur Vahia
Project manager – Giselle Maia

"From an early age I loved to experiment with art. Seeing me these days, my career and my passion made me follow my path with art. The University of Visual Arts and the Master in Art Management enabled me to continue innovating and promoting creative events and key skills to manage and guide artistic products."
Barbara Magliocco
Art Curator


Art Work Promotion

Curatorial Studies

- Study of the artwork, artistic process, concept, biography and pricing.

Art management

- Art Criticism and Writing;
- Creation of graphic pieces, texts and videos.

Exhibition Design

- Promotion of artwork from thought digital marketing;
- Lighting for Galleries and buyers.

The project consists of a personalized curatorial practice with a marketing team carried out in 3 phases.

Delivery time: 30 days

Investment: €500