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Year: 2023

Technique: Brush, Acrylic on canvas

€ 4,690

Curatorial Text

“Kaleidoscope/1” invites us to embark on a profound exploration of the human psyche and our intricate relationship with memories. Genc, a visionary artist with a unique approach to abstract art, presents a captivating series divided into five distinct parts, adorned with a harmonious interplay of blues, pinks, and shades of orange. These ethereal colors create an immersive atmosphere that urges viewers to connect with their own experiences, delving into the enigmatic world of reminiscences and the past.

The art composition’s forms draw the viewer into a meditative state, where time seems to dissolve, and the boundaries between past and present become blurred. As one delves into Genc’s painting, they traverse the corridors of their own memories, a kaleidoscope of sensations and fragments that form the essence of their being.

In this series, Genc’s distinctive style serves as a conduit, allowing the viewer to introspectively explore their own memories, experiences, and emotions. To remember is to differentiate. To forget is to undifferentiate. The abstract nature of the artwork provides each viewer the freedom to interpret and engage with the narrative uniquely, granting space for contemplation and reliving moments of personal significance.

For Plato, memory concerns the preservation of a trace in the soul and an impression of remembrance. “Kaleidoscope/1” features five interconnected canvases that share an abstract composition of overlapping forms, offering a linear perspective between colors and shapes. White brushstrokes traverse the entire structure of the artwork, providing a range of contrasts alongside the lines created by the artist.

This masterpiece by Genc Mulhaxha consists of five pieces that, when viewed together, merge into a single intriguing work of art. However, the uniqueness of this creation lies in the viewer’s ability to revisit it from various perspectives and arrangements, as it embraces multiple points of view.

Genc’s skill in detailing the transitions from one canvas to another is evident in the black lines that traverse the entire frame, creating meticulously structured and highly visible forms. This approach brings a sense of continuity and unity to the artwork while allowing each part to be appreciated in its singularity.

The saturated and vibrant colors that dominate “Kaleidoscope/1” create a striking contrast with the areas of light in the artwork, achieved through the clever use of white and black. This interplay of colors and contrasts not only stimulates visual perception but also invites the viewer to explore the various shades and nuances of meaning that can emerge from this chromatic encounter.

Ultimately, “Kaleidoscope/1” is not just an expression of Genc’s technical prowess but also a work that beckons on a journey of exploration and introspection. Each viewer is invited to immerse themselves in this multifaceted visual universe, where the boundaries between parts dissolve, and the interconnection of visual elements creates a unique and enriching experience. This work not only celebrates the power of memories but also offers a sacred space for contemplation, healing, and self-discovery. It is an ode to the complexity of the human experience, captured in a visual symphony of colors, shapes, and emotions.



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Artistic Statement

Born in 1989, I grew up in Germany and felt the need to express my creative side from a young age on, always being connected to literature, music and art.

Producing art became my channel of reflection, although I did it secretly at first. During my mid twenties, I was working as a manager for a company, traveling the world for events and conferences. Being back home afterwards, I locked myself in to paint for days. Disappointed by the greed in this world, where everybody is trying to make profit, while personal relations and real emotions fade into the background, I finally decided to entirely focus on art.

My inner drive is to produce pieces, which welcome the viewer to get in touch with their emotions, their memories and their past. I invite them to connect themselves with feelings from childhood, the beauty of the moment and being unbiased.


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