art work I

The Shape


Year: 2023

Technique: Oil painting on linen canvas

art work II

Lend a little ear


Year: 2023

Technique: Oil painting on linen canvas mounted on wood

Curatorial Text

Caroline Herck is a multidimensional artist whose journey spans education, self-discovery, and profound creative exploration. Her art delves into the intricate relationship between the human form and the psyche. Her diverse educational path, from Saint Luc Liège to Belgium and beyond, shaped her artistic sensibilities. The lobster motif symbolizes transformation and renewal, inviting us to shed conditioning and embrace vulnerability. Herck’s art bridges the gap between conditioned narratives and the essence of existence, urging us to reconnect with our authentic selves. Her work becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of human existence and an invitation to a profound dialogue that resonates within us.

Guided by brushstrokes that evoke the techniques of ancient masters, her art goes beyond the visual to explore questions related to perception, transcendence, and the human condition. Herck’s art bridges the gap between conditioned narratives and the essence of existence, urging us to reconnect with our authentic selves. Her paintings reflect the delicate dance between fragility and strength, vulnerability and power, inviting us to listen to our inner voices and choose our path.

The brushstroke technique is one of the distinctive features of her art. Her brushstrokes are a manifestation of her skill, precision, and commitment to mastering the technique. Each stroke is carefully planned and executed with delicacy, creating a unique visual texture that captivates the observer. The use of blending, one of the nuances of her technique, adds depth and complexity to her works, inviting the viewer to delve into the layers of meaning and beauty that reside in each canvas.

In Herck’s work, there is a preciousness that goes beyond mere aesthetics. Her creations are treasures that exude emotion and sentiment, evoking a deep emotional response from those fortunate enough to contemplate them. The meticulousness of every detail and the craftsmanship of her pieces bear witness to her commitment to artistic excellence.

However, the true power of Caroline Herck’s art lies in its ability to move people on a deeper level. Each work is infused with kindness and love, conveying a positive energy that resonates in the hearts of those who behold it. Her art transcends the visual and becomes a vehicle for emotional connection, reflection, and contemplation of the human condition.

For Herck, personal fulfillment is not solely found in technical mastery or artistic recognition but in the ability to touch others with her creations. It is the capacity to build a bridge between the artist and the viewer, to share experiences and emotions through the universal language of art. Each piece is a testament to her dedication to her artistic practice and the ongoing pursuit of authentic expression.

Caroline Herck is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries of technique and aesthetics, reaching a level of preciousness and depth that moves and inspires. Her kindness, love, and dedication to art are evident in every brushstroke, and her personal fulfillment is intrinsically linked to her ability to touch people’s souls with her creations. Her art is a celebration of human beauty and connection, a celebration that resonates with those who have the privilege of experiencing it.

zowe art

Artistic Statement

After two first cycles of general secondary studies, I finished the last cycle at Saint Luc Liège in Fine Art section. I then went abroad for a year to learn English and Dutch. Back in Belgium, I earned a Fine Arts bachelor’s degree at Saint Luc Brussels in Fine Arts. After that, I led creative and spiritual workshops for several years in a Catholic primary school in Brussels and earned a Bachelor of Theology at Lumen Vitae at the same time. Then I worked as an art educator with mentally handicapped adults in a Day Care Center. At the same time, I did some painting and textile jewelry exhibitions in Brussels and Wallonia. For a couple of years, I gave private painting and drawing lessons. 

At the same time, I participated to several training courses in Belgium and France to improve my knowledge of Old Master painting technique. Until now, I have taken part in several exhibitions. Painting is a gift and an evidence. It brings me inner peace, joy and clarity. I am always delighted to share an artistic moment with other people. In my painting and sketching work, as well as in my “little bodies” textile work, my research questions the states, metamorphoses and mutilations of the contemporary human body and the mind that inhabits it, as they get conditioned by the events they go through. As well as the impact of our limiting beliefs and how we can transcend them. I question the mind- body: de/malformed, touched, moved, diverted, mutilated, disabled, aged, embryonic.

The interventions that we make on that body, the prostheses and the ornaments that we attach to it, the resistances and limiting beliefs imposed by the individual mind or the society. The questioning that we can have about the aesthetics of this transformed body. The stories that we attach to it, the resonance and the questioning that it provokes in us. The figure of the lobster started to appear in my painting work a few years ago. I found the molting process of the lobster cycle deeply inspiring.

That powerful growing and regenerating process, going through fragility and strength, loss and expansion, inner and outer state was echoing the human process of getting freed from the mind-body resistances. Childhood is close to the virgin state of our genesis; it is an energetic state directly connected to our vital source , abundant, joyful, non-resistant. As we grow and evolve in the outer world, the conditionings that shape our human stories by carving our bodies and minds takes us away from our source. The suffering starts where the identification to those stories of living appears. The lobster symbolises that gap, that moment out of time and space, out of the story, that resonance of Life inside of us, that gut feeling, that deep nature of expansion we are rooted to. The next step of our living will depend on the decision that we make. It is our power, our potential and at the same time it goes through a moment of great vulnerability: Will we listen to it and if yes, how?

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